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Pancitos de mis Sueños - Toast Candle

Pancitos de mis Sueños - Toast Candle

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My go-to breakfast item is toasted sprout bread with cheese. Sometimes add some fermented garlic; if I want to be fancy, I do tomato mozzarella. Then you can also have French toast, sweet or savory cream cheese, and endless options. Can you tell I love toast? If you do, too, this candle is for you!

All Toasts are hand-Painted; no two will look exactly alike, like an authentic toasted piece of bread in the morning.

---- The focus of this candle is not for burning but for decorative purposes. If you do decide to burn the candle, read the info below.

Soy Wax Candle

Burn time: 10-20 Mins

The candle is about 3 inches x3 inches

Each Candle is hand-poured, and candle color may vary slightly Natural Coated, Cotton braided wick Hand-poured in The Bronx, NYC

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