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Mac and Cheese Gift Wrap Sheet

Mac and Cheese Gift Wrap Sheet

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Turn your gifts into mouthwatering masterpieces with our iconic food gift wraps. These wraps aren't just paper; they're a feast for the eyes, a treat for the senses, and a whirlwind of culinary excitement in every fold and ribbon! Get ready for cravings, "yum"s, and the thrill of unwrapping delicious surprises. Our iconic food gift wraps are all about celebrating the scrumptious world of gastronomy. They're like a menu of your favorite treats wrapped around your thoughtful gesture! Whether you're gifting a fellow food lover, sending gourmet delights, or simply sharing some culinary-inspired joy, these wraps will add an extra layer of flavor to your giving.

- Printed sustainably in the UK on FSC certified paper

- 100gsm thick premium paper

- Sheet size: 700x500mm 

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