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The Wednesday Co - Fresas en el Cielo (Strawberry Candle)

The Wednesday Co - Fresas en el Cielo (Strawberry Candle)

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These darling fresas, we’re molded using real strawberries. This fresa will add a fun touch to your home with its lovely red color. Small but mighty and sure to light up your space. - The focus of this candle is not for burning but for decorative purposes.

If you do decide to burn the candle, read the info below.

Soy Wax Candle

Burn time: 30 mins - 1hr

The candle is about 2.5 in — 2.75 in

Each Strawberry is hand-poured, and candle color may vary slightly Natural Coated, Cotton braided wick Hand-poured in The Bronx, NYC ---- Each candle is wrapped with tissue paper in a gift box for extra cushion and protection. All candle packaging includes a candle warning label and label sticker.

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