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Egg Clock

Egg Clock

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Featuring a bacon minute hand and buttered toast hour hand, this custom acrylic Egg Clock is only outdone in its cheer-inducing ability by the sunrise itself! 

About the Artist

Mackenzie Becker is a self-taught designer based in the United States. She has been making jewelry since 2017, during which she has expanded her skillsets from metalsmithing to industrial design. Her work varies in style from bold statement pieces, nostalgia, and storytelling through wearables. Being self directed lent itself to a very experiential learning process that has afforded her a unique perspective regarding art, jewelry, culture, and commercialism. She enjoys telling stories about the intersections of these ideas through her work.

About the Egg Clock, she writes, "I always enjoy coming up with designs and seeing them come alive as wearables and home goods, but this piece brought me an extra special amount of joy."

Clock Details

  • Original MackBecks Design

  • White, Daffodil, and Hand-Painted Red Pearl Acrylics and Draftboard

  • Signature MB engraving on backside

  • W 4.5” x H 4.5”

  • Silent Quartz Clock Movement

  • AA Battery Powered (not included) and Easy to Change

  • Made in the USA

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